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The underperforming colleges

The underperforming colleges

It is disturbing to note that many colleges of the country are failing to impart quality education owing to myriad of problems facing them including weak infrastructure and shortage of teachers. According to a report of this newspaper yesterday, Rajshahi University (RU) is going to approve two more colleges, even though it has been alleged they have failed to meet the university criteria. It has also been alleged that most of the colleges approved by RU have failed to meet at least 10 conditions out of the necessary 13. These colleges have submitted documents with false information regarding manpower and infrastructure.

That many advanced colleges are functioning from rented houses, albeit the university-affiliated colleges, must have their own building does not augur well. These colleges also do not have the required number of students and teachers. What can the learners and their parents and guardians expect from a college if it does not have required number of teachers and other facilities?   It is the responsibility of the authorities of the colleges to provide congenial educational environment and quality education in the colleges. There are allegations of corruption and irregularities at some colleges. That the government gives permission to colleges under pressure from political leaders and businessmen is not a healthy trend.

Education is one of the basic human rights as enshrined in Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. But how many people enjoy this right in the country? The overall scenario in the educational arena in the country does not show much promise. When the government has taken various measures for promoting education in the country, including female education, the school dropout problem is a matter of grave concern. Quality education still eludes the children belonging to underprivileged classes. Leak of question papers in public examinations in the country is a disturbing phenomenon. Mushroom growth of coaching centres does not speak of a healthy trend.   

Most of the colleges do not have their own permanent campuses, and classes are held in rented buildings in commercial or residential areas. The parents and guardians of the students are the hapless victims. The authorities concerned should verify all information before giving affiliations to these colleges. The unhealthy trend of some colleges submitting false documents is sure to sully the image of the educational institutions. The relevant authorities should take tough stand against the authorities of colleges that have failed to deliver. There is no scope to compromise where the quality of education is concerned.