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Shahidul again denied bail

Shahidul again denied bail

A Dhaka court yesterday rejected a bail petition filed by noted photographer Shahidul Alam in a case filed against him under the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Act on charge of spreading propaganda and false information against the government. Judge KM Imrul Kayes of Metropolitan Sessions Judge's Court of Dhaka passed the order after hearing on a petition filed by Shahidul seeking bail in the case. Barrister Jotirmay Barua, a lawyer of Shahidul, told The Independent that they would once again move before the High Court for Shahidul bail after getting the copy of the lower court order. During yesterday’s hearing, Barrister Sara Hossain,

counsel for Shahidul, told court that remarks that Shahidul alleged to have made there was no mention in FIR (First Information Report) where he made it. There should not be any problem if Shahidul was granted bail because the evidence that was shown against police got it all with them as they already seized his mobile phone and laptop, she argued. Police prosecution told the court that he should be kept in jail for investigation into the case. Shahidul Alam, 63, was detained by plainclothes police from his home after he gave an interview to Al Jazeera about student protests which he documented and discussed in Facebook Live on August 5.

A Dhaka court on August 12 sent Shahidul to prison after he was produced before the court following interrogation in police custody for seven days. Earlier on September 4, a High Court bench declined to hear his bail petition as a judge felt embarrassed. Shahidul’s detention was globally condemned as a crackdown on free speech in Bangladesh.