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Cabinet reviews proposal today
30,000 Shotguns for Ansar-VDP

30,000 Shotguns for Ansar-VDP

A proposal to purchase 30,000 shotguns for members of Ansar and VDP would be placed at the Cabinet Committee meeting today.

Ansar and VDP, paramilitary auxiliary forces entrusted with maintaining internal security and law and order, would purchase 30,000 shotguns of 12-bore and 30,00,000 cartridges from the Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory Limited (BMTF), a state-owned enterprise run by the Bangladesh Army, said sources in the Public Security Service Division.

Sources said Ansar and VDP members will use the arms and ammunition to guard polling centres during the next parliamentary election likely to be held in December this year.

Various types of equipment and motor vehicles will also be procured for Ansar and VDP members, who will guard polling centres along with the members of other law enforcement agencies, says the proposal. As much as Tk 147.48 crore would be needed to procure the arms and ammunition for the force, it states. The arms and ammunition would be purchased from the BMTF under the direct procurement method (DPM) from the funds of Ansar and VDP.

Talking to The Independent, a senior officer of Ansar and VDP said that they have selected six lakh members for election duty training to ensure security at 40,000 polling centres. “A team comprising 12 Ansar and VDP members would be deployed at every polling centre. Two of the members would carry firearms and the rest would carry sticks,” he added.

There are about 6,000,000 Ansar and VDR members including 16,000 Battalion Ansar members and 50,000 embedded Ansar members.