POST TIME: 11 September, 2018 09:15:33 AM
Aruna and Jyoti in ‘Joynab Bibi Morey Nai’
DL Reporter

Aruna and Jyoti in ‘Joynab Bibi Morey Nai’

Photo courtesy : Mohsin Ahmed

Though audience-admired actress and director Aruna Biswas is usually seen acting on small screen regularly, she sometimes also makes tele-dramas and telefilms based on sought-after stories following her own heart. Her latest telefilm ‘Joynab Bibi Morey Nai’ is one of such creations. Aruna has directed and played the title role in this telefilm based on a Liberation War-based story written by Mannan Hira.

DhakaLive has news that the work of the telefilm was completed after the shooting in Dhamrai on September 7 and 8. With the help of make-up artiste Jonny, Aruna successfully took a flawless avatar of Joynab Bibi so incredibly that none could recognise her as actress Aruna at the time of shooting. Young actress Jytoika Jyoti also has acted in an important role in the telefilm.

Aruna said about making the telefilm, “When I got the script from Mannan Hira, I completed reading it right away. I created the image of Joynab Bibi in myself. To tell the truth, playing a character like this makes me feel accomplished nowadays. As a result, I have portrayed the role of Joynab Bibi with immense cordiality.”

Playing about a key role in the telefilm, Jyoti said, “I will be seen playing the role of a schoolteacher. I always enjoy the directorial work of Aruna Biswas. Likewise, it was fascinating to work in this telefilm too.”

The telefilm ‘Joynab Bibi Morey Nai’ will be aired on Channel i on the Victory Day this year.

On the other hand, today is Jyotika Jyoti’s birthday. The actress will spend the day with her family members in a homely manner.