POST TIME: 11 September, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Happy Birthday Kanak Chapa
DL reporter

Happy Birthday 
Kanak Chapa

Talented singer Kanak Chapa, who always mesmerises the audience through her melodious singing and achieved the prestigious National Film Award as well, is all set to celebrate her birthday today.

DhakaLive has news that like her birthday every year, the singer is planning to spend her birthday in an ordinary manner with the blessing of almighty Allah. The singer will pass the special day with her family members.

Kanak Chapa said, “I do not plan any special celebration for my birthday. However, my school friends or my fans sometimes host a birthday celebration for me, which I attend blissfully. But this time around, nothing of this kind is happening as my family has some other plans.”

“As I was born on this beautiful day and almighty Allah gave me happy life with good health, I always thank almighty Allah for this. I wish I could live like this with everyone for the rest of my life.”

Kanak Chapa made her debut as a playback singer with the film ‘Bidhata’, in which Alauddin Ali had done the music arrangement.

Kanak Chapa revealed herself as a writer with a poetry book titled ‘Sthobir Jajabor’ published by Ananya Publications in 2010. Later on, the singer also came up with three other books titled ‘Mukhomukhi Joddha’, ‘Megher Danay Chore’ and ‘Kata Ghuri’.  

In 2016, the singer’s very first art exhibition ‘Didhar Dolachol’ received praise from the viewers as well.

Photo courtesy : Mohsin Ahmed