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Combat noise pollution
As a result of geographical location and people’s unsustainable behaviour towards nature, Bangladesh is a victim of climate change and environmental hazards

Combat noise pollution

The world is sprint through industrial expansion and methodical sequence. No matter what, sometimes it’s true or counterfeit since somewhere people are blameless victim of socio-cide or somewhere eco-cides are occurring for the interest of few people or community. In 2017, Rechard Thaler won noble prize for “nudge theory” in economics section. This theory is very imperative for the interest of mass people, the society, sustainable economic strength and global environmental security.

Nudge is a world from Latina which means to push through arm. It’s very effective that various states are taking this at their prime minister or president offices – England, Singapore and Australia. Basically there are four nudges – mindful nudge, mindless nudge, encouraging nudge and finally discouraging nudge. Mindful nudges guide people to more controlled state – ensuring peace in a society from criminalization, drinking pure water, controlling  unwanted noise, eating non-adulterated food, saving money, stop smoking, protecting wildlife and forest, integrating climatic education, looking forward for poverty reduction. Mindless nudges use emotions to influence the as usual decisions that people seize. Encouraging nudges facilitate the implementation or continuation of a particular behavior – actually the attitude which is in good physical shape for economy, society, ecology and nature. And finally, discouraging nudges hinder or prevent behavior that is believed to be unwanted – kill general people though violating laws, road accident, food adulteration, intellectual fraud, telecasting sexism though mass-media, gender discrimination and even environmental insurgencies.

Through using this theory – Australia, Singapore and England are taking people and society oriented policy. They initiate a public platform where people raise their voice to resolve or adapt the problems or burning issues. As a result of geo-graphical location and people’s unsustainable behavior towards nature, Bangladesh is a guiltless victim of climate change and environmental hazards.

For example, excessive noise is very inimical for public health and Environment. Dhaka city is a multitude area in Bangladesh. The elemental survey has been conducted on different industries, hospitals and bus stations in Dhaka city by taking insight of laborers, traffic polices, drivers, passengers, shopkeepers and doctors.

The observation is that average level of noise at industrial area is 88.59 DB, Hospital area is 70.57 DB and Bus station area is 100 DB.  Every areas are go beyond the standard level of noise if we consider the standard level of noise at industrial area is 50-60 DB, Hospital area is 45 DB and Bus station area is 70 DB.  In this context, lack of engineering controls, using analogue machines and lack of awareness of noise in urban area creates insurgencies on public health and nature. Other hand, corporate grabbers are not cooperative to environment and general laborer, which creates auditory, psychological and physiological effects on general people.

To control excessive noise insurgencies at both rural and urban area, under the ‘noise control act – 2006’, local government may arrange a agreement with automobiles groups, owner of different vehicles and specifically train the vehicles driver to resolve the noise pollution which is very harmful for public health and particularly for school going children and pregnant women. If we can do effectively, it will be a mindful nudge. We may push nudge among people by noise impacts awareness program. People may be change their behavior if he thinks that my uncontrolled horn or unwanted noise from construction or train or concerts or creates negative externality for the people and natural settings.

Bangladesh is on the way of becoming a middle income country. We have to value the people’s development or collective wellbeing. In this context, the concept of nudge by behavioral change is essential to address excessive sound or noise at both urban and rural area. It can be such a ways – contemplation (aware and behavior towards the problems), preparation (intends to take action), actions (practices to desired behavior), maintenance (works to sustain the behavior change).     

The writer is environmental analyst and Associate Member of Bangladesh Economic Association