POST TIME: 11 September, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Second LNG ship arrives in Moheshkhali

Second LNG ship arrives 
in Moheshkhali

The second LNG ship containing 140,000 cubic meter (cm) gas has arrived in the country and started gas supply to the

national gas network. The ship will meet 10-day supply, said the officials, reports UNB.

According to official sources at the state-owned Rupantarita Prakritik Gas Company Limited (RPGCL), the new ship arrived in the country on Sunday and reached Mohedkhali LNG terminal (FSRU) on the same day.

“The LNG ship came here from Qatar as per schedule and reached the floating storage and re-gasification (FSRU) at Moheshkhali”, M Quamruzzaman, managing director of RPGCL, told UNB on Tuesday.

RPGCL has been responsible to import of LNG and supply it to national gas network after re-gasification at the FSRU, set up by Exelerate Energy, a US company.

The RPGCL chief also informed that from now on, a similar capacity LNG container ship will arrive from Qatar in every 10 days to continue the imported gas supply.

He noted that RPGCL has been supplying 300 million cubic feet per day (mmcfd) gas to the national network from which it is supplied mainly in Chattagram.

“Since Chattagram area is getting supply from LNG, the allocation of local gas is now diverted to Dhaka to improve supply situation in the capital”, said another top official of the RPGCL.

The official said that RPGCL is now ready to raise the LNG supply to 500 mmcfd. “But receiving of the supply will depend on the transmission system which is yet to be ready to receive 500 mmcd gas.

After start of LNG supply, the country’s daily supply has increased to 3070 mmcfd from 2770 mmcfd, still a 200 mmcfd short of 3270 mmcfd daily demand.

Official sources at the Gas Transmission Compay Limited (GTCL) said they are installing a new pipeline between Anwara and Fouzdarhat which needs further time to get ready for operation.

The maiden consignment of imported LNG reached the country on April 24 through the FSRU-based ship. But due to some leakages and technical glitches, the RPGCL could not supply the imported gas to the network over the last three months.

The leakages and technical problems were fixed and finally the LNG supply began on August 18.