POST TIME: 10 September, 2018 00:00 00 AM
From the Editor
M. Shamsur Rahman

From the Editor

World Heart Day takes place on 29th September every year. This year’s Heart Day slogan is: “My Heart, Your Heart”. Our cover this week is on Heart Disease. Heart disease is a dread disease and kills vast number of people across the globe and in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh 10% of adult population have coronary ischemic heart disease, 7.5 per thousand suffer from Rheumatic Fever, 8 per thousand newborn suffer congenital heart disease and 15-20 per cent population suffer from hypertension.

No single symptom unmistakenly identifies cardiac (heart) diseases. However, most common symptoms of heart diseases are dyspnoea (breathlessness), chest pain, palpitation, dizziness, pre -syncope or syncope, fatigue and oedema. Although the cardiovascular examination centres on the heart, peripheral signs are often invaluable. They include cyanosis, pallor, peripheral pulses and venous pulsations, pericardial pulsation, heart sound and murmurs. Diagnostic investigations include ECG, ECHO, ETT, StressThaleum, CT Angiogram, Angiogram (CAG) and PET plus blood enzymes. However, as prevention is better than cure, we should be careful about our lifestyle and change it for a holistic health. Only then we may possibly assure best cardiac care and avoid heart diseases. We want our readers to know through the columns of Stethoscope what causes heart diseases and what preventive measures should be taken and we are including such information here.