POST TIME: 10 September, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Water crisis grips RU dormitory

Water crisis grips RU dormitory

Residential students of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Hall at Rajshahi University (RU) have been facing an acute shortage of water over the past few days after a water pump went out of order. The hall has 496 boarders. It has special arrangements to provide drinking water to its students. But at present, only one tube-well out of three is operational. That is why the students have been queuing up to collect water. They are unable to properly bathe, wash their clothes or even answer the call of nature.

The authorities of the hall explained that the pump near the university auditorium is out of order. The pump is being repaired, they added. This correspondent found that no water was available in the hall since 8am on Friday till the time of filing of the report (3pm on Saturday). As the water crisis persists, students roam the hall seeking water.

Several resident students alleged that they have not got water in their bathrooms and toilets for 40 hours in the past couple of days.

Several students complained that most of the RU dormitories were reeling under a water crisis, making life miserable for them. Many of them are suffering from skin ailments and water-borne diseases as the water that is supplied is rather dirty, they further complained.

Sources said a female house tutor of Begum Rokeya Hall was padlocked in her room for three hours some time back. After the university authorities assured that there would be adequate water supplies, she was released by the female agitators at the hall.

"No-one can conveniently complete his or her toilet and bath," said Shawon Hasan, a student of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Hall.

Shimul Kumar Biswas, a resident of the hall and a fourth-year student of Political Science, alleged: “The authorities have paid no heed to this matter.”

The provost of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Hall, Prof. Dr Asrafuzzaman, assured the students on Friday morning that the problem would be solved, but no visible steps have been taken yet. Dr Asrafuzzaman said: “I have asked the hall employee to operate the water supply machine. The problem will be solved immediately though one of our machines is currently disabled.”

“Residents of female students' dormitories, too, are suffering badly from the water problem over the past few days,” said Roma Rani Sarkar, a student of RU’s Rokeya Hall.

Chief engineer Sirajum Monir said, “The university authorities have not informed us about the issue. As soon as we get information on this matter, we will take immediate action.”