POST TIME: 10 September, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Canadian fabric changing from red to green
Anis Farooqui

Canadian fabric changing from red to green

Canada is losing its real values by every passing day, major cities are converging into Muslim pockets, it is a well-known fact that now one of the most diverse cities Mississauga is often called Muslimssauga by many. Similarly the nearing town of Milton is also catching up fast as new sub-divisions emerge and become hubs of Muslims who have recently started settling there. Keeping the tradition alive, one step further, a Milton resident proudly posted a video of a cow being slaughtered in an open yard as if it was one of the alleyways of a Pakistani town or village. A video of this sacrifice on Eid-ul-Adha went viral and started making news headlines across the country.

The owner of the video realising the severity of the matter and his blunder, deleted the evidence but it was too late as it became available on social media and authorities were alerted. The said person who originally posted this crime happens to have been my Facebook friend for years, but while recently checking his timeline I found myself now blocked.  Perhaps I should not have re-tweeted the issue and kept my silence. In the past three decades of my life in Canada, this was a first of its kind animal slaughtering in the midst of a heavily populated residential area.

Though it is a common practice by some of the farm owners who usually provide this service during Eid and many of my friends have taken advantage of this ritual. However, this was always conducted in a controlled environment and in the presence of health inspectors who have routinely checked the entire process as well as ensuring the meat lives up to health standards.

Allegedly this episode of public slaughtering was either executed in the back ally of an under construction commercial area or as some suggest the backyard of a mosque. In both cases standard operating procedures were not followed.

Although this issue seems like a mere Municipal Law violation, it is mostly seen by many as insensitivity to the citizens of the Greater Toronto Area. The proud red and white Canadian identity is not just made up of an emerging community of Muslims rather the city is a mosaic of diverse cultures, coexisting only on the basis of mutual respect and tolerance. Hence the question arises as to what Canadian Muslims are trying to achieve through such behaviour?

Commonly, whenever there are sport competitions, festive days, national days, each culture demonstrates traditional enthusiasm briefly and then goes back to their everyday Canadian lives. However when Pakistanis arrive in Canada, there is a demonstration of either being a die-hard Pakistani patriot or the saviour of Islam

Ironically, we see that a lot of mosques are popping up in every nook and cranny of the city, parking and traffic violations around these areas, are becoming a constant pain for the municipal authorities, all year round melas and concerts are organized as a commercial venture in the name of ‘community service’.

Additionally every Tom Dick and Harry is now becoming a so-called CEO of local Internet TV Streams costing only $500 per month, for this endeavour no previous knowledge or experience is required. Moreover such outlets are propagating and managing the spread of teachings they prefer, leaving Canadian values far behind.

This phenomenon is leading to another dilemma — where genuine opinion makers, writers and intellectuals are cornered and bullied by these alternative networks. Their insistent on being the voice for Muslims is isolating others, and especially those who still believe in the red, white maple leaf flag of a true free and strong north. It is these voices amplified by sanity and rationale which are appreciated by the mainstream Canadians, who are slowly becoming aware of the non-sense factions which exist amongst diaspora media houses.

On the other hand, with the might of real estate money pouring in, unconditional support from local Consulates and foreign support in the name of hospital fund raising or Islamic relief activities are raising alarm bells. As the liberal media fraternity watches helplessly — an imperative question arises —does anyone else see the right wing Muslim green crescent taking over the red maple leaf on the Canadian flag?

The writer is a social and civil right activist and vocal on Human Right violations across the globe