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Kuakata tourist spot must be protected

Kuakata tourist spot 
must be protected

It is disturbing to note that Kuakata, known for offering spectacular views of the sunrise and sunset, has been losing its attraction because of erosion by the Bay of Bengal. Hundreds of sandalwood, coconut, mahogany, palm and tamarisk trees that had been reared on the sand by the forest department have been uprooted on the eastern side of the beach. The exposed roots look like the limbs of skeletons. Local people, tourists and businessmen have held rallies and formed human chains urging the government to take steps to protect Kuakata from the onslaught of erosion. Although the authorities are aware of the grave erosion threat to Kuakata, effective action is yet to be taken. Under the circumstances, the locals want Prime Minister's intervention in the matter.

Kuakata is one of the places in the country that attract a huge number of local and foreign tourists every year. These are the places through which tourism sector can thrive and flourish. But the vast prospects of these places are yet to be explored. We have the longest sea beach in the world. The vast and vibrant Inani sea beach and Moheshkhali sea beach also attract scores of local and foreign tourists every year. Kuakata sea beach soothes the eyes of the onlookers. Thousands of tourists throng here to enjoy the sunrise and sunset scenes. But since residential hotels, motels and rest houses have not been set up there like those in Cox’s Bazar, tourists going there cannot stay there at night.   

Natural tourism can contribute immensely to the national economy if necessary steps are taken in this regard. Sundarbans, the biggest mangrove forest in the world, is an ideal place for eco tourism. Hundreds of people, including many foreigners, enjoy the beauty of this vast forest. But the resources of this forest are depleting fast due to lack of care and attention. There are places of historical importance, ancient temples and monasteries that can be the subject of cultural tourism. Many historical sites and structures are on the verge of ruination due to lack of repair and renovation. There are entrepreneurs who can establish hotels, restaurants and rest houses in remote areas to promote tourism.

It is imperative to take effective measures to combat erosion at Kuakata sea beach. Protective measures like dumping of sand bags can arrest the erosion. Long term measures should also be taken to tame erosion. If Kuakata sea beach is washed away due to the onslaught of erosion it will be a great economic loss for the country.