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Australia, NZ reiterate support for Rohingyas
Envoys visit camps in Cox’s Bazar

Australia, NZ reiterate 
support for Rohingyas

Australia and New Zealand have reiterated their support for Bangladesh in dealing with the Rohingya crisis affecting the country in a bad way. The reiteration of the support came during a the recent visit to Cox’s Bazar of a joint delegation of the Australian high commission in Dhaka and New Zealand high commission in New Delhi, led by the respective high commissioners.

The purpose of the visit from September 4-5 was to look at the humanitarian response to the Rohingya crisis, said a press release issued by the Australian high commission in Dhaka yesterday. The trip has been described as part of a broader visit by the Delhi-based concurrent New Zealand High Commissioner to Bangladesh, Joanna Kempkers, who undertook a visit to the country from September 2-6.

New Zealand envoy and Australian high commissioner to Bangladesh reiterated their commitments to work with Bangladesh to support those in need, particularly vulnerable women and girls, providing shelter for Rohingya people and support  to the host community.

The joint delegation visited a women friendly space run by UNFPA and UNHCR projects.

The members of the team met with Australian and New Zealand humanitarian experts working with a range of agencies in the camps and with the refugee relief and repatriation commissioner to learn how the Rohingya refugee crisis is affecting the host community in Cox’s Bazar.

“New Zealand applauds the Government of Bangladesh for its ongoing efforts to support the Rohingya people,” said New Zealand High Commissioner Joanna Kempkers during the visit.

The New Zealand Government remains committed to playing its part to support those in need, Joanna Kempkers  added.

Australian High Commissioner Julia Niblett said, “A year on from the onset of the crisis, it’s incredible to see how much work has been done to provide live-saving services for over 700,000 Rohingyas in need.”

However, there is still more to be done, particularly in addressing gender-based violence and supporting women and girls. Australia remains committed to this movement forward, she said.