POST TIME: 10 September, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Ex-stars blame game plan for shocking defeat to Nepal
They urge coach to make proper planning for Bangabandhu Gold Cup
Md Anwar Ullah

Ex-stars blame game plan for
shocking defeat to Nepal

Former national football star Sheikh Mohammed Aslam, Rajani Kant Barman, captain of the 2003 SAFF winning team and Motiur Rahman Munna, one of the members of the winning team of 2003, spotlight the reasons behind the tragic defeat to Nepal which caused the elimination of Bangladesh from the group stage in the ongoing SAFF Suzuki Cup Football tournament on Saturday.

Aslam, one of the prolific striker Bangladesh ever produced and Motiur Munna also one of the best performers of his time, focused on the game plan of that day against Nepal.

Aslam said, actually, “If the team would play with a plan, I mean if they could play with planning from defense to striking zone, might be they could at least avoid the defeat.”

“In fact, it appeared to me that they could not play as a whole, if there should be a good teamwork they could halt the disaster, actually there was huge lack of teamwork.”

Aslam, who watched the match through live telecast, said, “Nepal played with good planning, the first goal was their turning point of the match, after taking lead, they overcome from some pressure and scored the second goal.”

“Honestly, we could not progress, our standard as it is but the opponents left behind us, they developed much, there is no short-cut way to develop in education and football there should have long term plan,” said Aslam.

Rajani Kant Barman, who was the captain of the 2003 SAFF title winning team, despite out of the final match squad due to card problem was also adjudged man of the tournament for his outstanding performance said, “Really it can’t accept to concede defeat in this way following two wins in a row, the were so many lacking, first of all the goalkeeper looked shaky, he had no movement during both the goals. There was also lacking of planning, which way the midfield was formed, we saw most of the times at midfield there was huge vacant, as opponents could create pressure on defense, there was no specialist in the striking force.”

“It is hard to tolerate the defeat at home ground, in front of a packed up gallery. Now what happened, in the past , forgetting it, team should now concentrate to upcoming Bangabandhu Gold Cup. They will have to look forward to comeback, not be demoralized and will play with strong moral.”   

Motiur Munna, who scored a golden goal to seer Bangladesh to semifinal in 2003 also said that it was very woeful and it is hard to accept the defeat in that way.

“There was huge lacking in the game plan, I watched the first two matches also, boys fought 90 minutes, but looked hurry to go for attack, for nothing took pressure, they won against Qatar, there was nothing to take pressure against, Bhutan and Nepal they should play with good plan, during attack, very often they made plenty of miss passes, it looked they passed the ball to the opponents’ defenders,” said Munna.

“It was something amazing that I have gone through some newspapers, coach in his post match said, coach is happy with players performance, however, now before winning any match it would be tough to regain the excitement with the game.”

“The blunder of goalkeeper can be happened but we should return the goal in rest  55 minutes game but to concede another one. Now have to survive from the disaster in the Bangabandhu Gold Cup, it would be tough, I wish good luck,” Motiur Munna revealed about the mistakes of the past and conveyed good wishes for the next tournaments.