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‘Dulavai Zindabad’ aired on Desh TV
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‘Dulavai Zindabad’ aired on Desh TV

A new drama serial titled ‘Dulavai Zindabad’ has begun to telecast on Desh TV from yesterday. Scripted by Manos Pal, the concept and the direction of the drama serial were done by Shaheen Sarkar.

‘Dulavai Zindabad’ stars Al Mansur, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Niloy Alamgir, AKM Hasan, Amin Azad, Tarique Swapon, Shafique Khan Dilu, Munira Mithu, Shoshi, Nisa, Ahona, Tondra and Shely Hasan, among others.

The story of the drama serial begins with Humayun Shawdagor, a widower, who has five daughters. He marries his elder daughter off to Kuddus, an honest and fun loving person living in the neighbouring village. Humayun Shawdagor makes Kuddus the guardian of his property and also his daughters’. Kuddus becomes a househusband and keeps an eye to his sister-in-laws for their own safety as his sisters.

However, Kuddus’s elder sister-in-law elopes with a man and leaves the house. And the other two sister-in-laws fall in love with Farid and Kamal, who barely like each other.

With a lot of incidents, the two sisters marry Farid and Kamal without family consent and the elder sister-in-law returns with her husband. Seeing this, Kuddus as a good-hearted person pursues his father-in-law Humayun Shawdagor and let them all stay in the house. The scenarios turned the opposite as he thought. Now Kuddus has to face them and their husbands as they all try to belittle him in order to take away his power in the property. With this, along with various incidents, the plot of the drama serial moves forward.

To note, drama serial ‘Dulavai Zindabad’ is scheduled to telecast every Sunday and Monday at 10:20pm on Desh TV.  

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