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Musical soiree with Debolina Sur at Nat’l Museum
The singer to perform modern and other genres songs
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Musical soiree with Debolina Sur at Nat’l Museum

Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre (IGCC) is organising an evening of Nazrul Sangeet, Rabindra Sangeet and modern songs by Debolina Sur today at 6:30pm at Kabi Sufia Kamal auditorium of Bangladesh National Museum, in the capital’s Shahbag area.

Debolina Sur belongs to a wonderful cultural family background and this leads her going forward with music. As a child artiste she achieved so many awards and National awards too ‘Natun Kuri’ is one of them. She went to Visva Bharati University of Shantiniketan and there she completed her M-Music (Honors) with Rabindra Sangeet. She achieved first class there. She had a great opportunity to learn music personally from Swastika Mukherjee, Gora Sarbadhikari, Vasabi Mukherjee.

After that she went to Rabindra Bharati University with ICCR Scholarship. There she finished her Master Degree in Rabindra Sangeet with first class. She got first price in Folk song in ‘WB Rajya Sangeet Academy competition’ and also got chance to share her stage several times with legendary singers like Amar Paul, Kalyan Sen Barat, Nirmala Mishra and many more.

Debolina had her personal musical talim from Rajasree Ghosh, Tresith Chowdhury in Kolkata. After completing Master degree she returned to Dhaka. As a singer she got enlisted both in Bangladesh National Television (BTV) and Radio. Besides Rabindra Sangeet she is performing Pancha Kabi and modern songs too in all private television channels and on stage too. Very soon she is coming up with a beautiful musical album.  Debolina was member of 100 member Youth delegation to India in the year 2016. Her experience of India during this tour was quite memorable and wonderful.

Where: Nat’l Museum, Shahbag

When: 6:30pm today