POST TIME: 9 September, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Customs seizes 160kg ‘Ethiopian hemp’

Customs seizes 160kg ‘Ethiopian hemp’

Customs officials seized 160 kilograms of Ethiopian hemp well known as 'Khat' from the Cargo Unit of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport yesterday, reports UNB. Nine suspected cartons came to the foreign post office of the Caro Unit by a flight of Jet Airways from India on September 6, Othello Chowdhury, deputy commissioner of Dhaka Customs House (DCH), told. "Suspiciously, the nine cartons were seized by the customs officials for scrutinizing," he said.

Later, officials of the DCH opened the nine cartons in presence of other agencies including National Security Intelligence (NSI) and seized the products look like ‘green Tea’, which is actually a new psychoactive substance (NPS), the customs official said.