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Take the dengue alarm seriously

Take the dengue 
alarm seriously

Up until now, a total of 11 cases of death have been reported due to dengue in the country this season and with a record of 3,374 cases of infection, the tropical viral disease can take turn of an epidemic causing more deaths, health experts warn. A dengue outbreak usually starts in the month of June and continues up to October. Since there are still about two months to go to be naturally free of infection, it is our expectation that the health ministry would take all preventive measures to contain cases of infection.

Since dengue is a vector-borne disease and spread through Aedes mosquito, and awareness about it is very fundamental to prevent an infection. In the past seasons, the government indeed took measures to create this awareness among the people by publishing ad in newspapers and electronic channels containing ways for prevention. This step is necessary now also.

Aedes mosquitoes lay eggs in accumulated clean water in broken containers, refrigerators, household tubs and if multiplying of Aedes is prevented by removing this kind of water plus taking measures against mosquito bites, the risk of the dengue viral infection can be greatly minimized. The two city corporations also ought to take mosquito eradication programmes to prevent an epidemic. Destroying and stopping multiplication mosquitoes thus hold the key to protect public health in the case of dengue.

Consciousness about how an infection can be handled early at home is also very important. The need for an early diagnosis of the disease and taking proper measures can stop the fatal or any aggravated consequences of an infection. The knowledge about the symptoms of the disease such as high fever, headache, vomiting, muscle and joint pains, and characteristic skin rashes must be reached to people through the campaign programmes. And it is the government itself that has to take the responsibility of generating this awareness.

The public hospitals also need to be well prepared to give the right treatment to all dengue patients. Since the spread of the disease can be prevented and cases of fatality be avoided, negligence on the part of the government will not be acceptable.