POST TIME: 9 September, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Ershad wants to see JP in power after national polls

Ershad wants to see JP in power after national polls

The top leader of Jatiya Party (JP) wants to see the party in power instead of ‘domestic’ opposition party in parliament. “We want to form the government this time alone. Our main goal is to go to power through the next parliamentary elections. We have to prove that JP is ready for taking the state power. We will be not be a domestic opposition party in parliament anymore,” the JP chairman said while addressing a joint meeting held at the city’s IEB auditorium yesterday. Ershad said his party will file candidates in all the 300 constituencies in the upcoming national election, aiming to return to power for ensuring good governance and restore peace in the country. Directing the leaders and activists of JP to prepare for the upcoming parliamentary polls, he said, “My last wish to see my party is in state power.”

Ershad, who is also the special envoy to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, said the party’s programme will be announced from a grand rally to be held on October 6 at Suhrawardi Uddyan.

He also urged the party leaders to make it a great success by ensuring that thousands of activists and leaders join the rally.

“I am one of the most oppressed leaders. I have returned from the door of death. Allah has protected me—because we have no blood in our hands. There are people’s support and affection for us,” the former military dictator Ershad said.

The country is now not in a good shape due to bloodshed, killings and enforced disappearances, he added. “We want to promise that terrorism, killing, disappearance and corruption will be rooted out from the country if JP is elected to run the country,” Ershad said.

JP will bring back discipline ensuring good governance after achieving the victory in the next parliamentary elections, the JP chairman said.  

He also said their party had already finalised the list of candidates for the 11th parliamentary polls. “We’ll contest the elections from 300 constituencies,” he added. “The struggle this time is to go to power and development for people’s future. We want to ensure quality education for all,” the opposition leader in parliament and JP co-chairperson Raushon Ershad said.

Employment generation will be created for the unemployed youths, she also said.  “It is clear to the people that Ershad’s nine-year regime was the best period compared to the BNP’ Awami League regimes,” the former military dictator’s younger brother, who is also co-chairman of JP, GM Kader claimed.