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4th death anniversary of Firoza Begum today
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4th death anniversary of Firoza Begum today

Kazi Nazrul Islam, Nazrul Sangeet and Firoza Begum—these three words are inseparable from the music world of the Subcontinent. If anyone starts thinking or talking about our National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam, the word Nazrul Sangeet is synonymous with him, and the very next word which surely comes alongside Nazrul Sangeet is Firoza Begum. With her own effort, devotion and honesty, Firoza Begum established herself on the throne of queen of Nazrul Sangeet.

Firoza Begum, an icon in this Subcontinent who left behind a colourful legacy, died on this day in 2014.

Born in 1930 in Gopalganj to the zamindars of Ratail Ghonaparha, Firoza Begum was guided by two true mentors, her father Khan Bahadur Mohammad Ismail, a famous lawyer and her mother Kaokabunnesa Begum, a true promoter of music with a sweet voice.

‘Jodi Porane Na Jage Akul Piyasa’– with the rendition of the song, she captivated the creator of the song as Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam himself was present at the audition of HMV, the famous Gramophone company of India. Firoza was the luckiest one, who got the opportunity to be the direct student of Kazi Nazrul Islam and received love and affection of the Poet in his lifetime. She was taught by the Poet for two and a half years, which was the greatest achievement in her life that she always admitted when she was alive.

The day she met Kazi Nazrul Islam for the first time, she also met young Kamal Das Gupta at the audition of HMV on the same day. Firoza married Kamal Dasgupta in 1956.  

In her long seven-decade of music career, Firoza Begum performed in about 80 solo musical shows at home and abroad. Before she died, she released as many as 12 LPs, four EPs, six CDs and more than 20 audio albums.

Firoza Begum, for her outstanding contribution to the Nazrul Sangeet, received numerous awards in her lifetime, such as–  Independence Award, Ekushey Award, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Award, Nasiruddin Gold Award, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Gold Award, Nazrul Sangeet Artist Award (several times consecutively), Nazrul Academy Award, Meril-Prothom-alo Lifetime Achievement Award. She also received a Gold Disk from the renowned Japanese audio production company CBS.