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Tk 110cr uplift projects for Rajshahi educational instts

Tk 110cr uplift projects for Rajshahi educational instts

RAJSHAHI: Infrastructure development of more than 50 schools and colleges in the city involving Tk 110 crore is going to start very soon. Sources concerned said entire scenario of the city’s educational institutions is expected to change upon successful implementation of the projects within the next three years, reports BSS.

Under the development schemes, side by side with construction of necessary buildings at New Government Degree College, City Government College and Rajshahi Government Women’s College, a 10-storey academic building at Rajshahi College will be constructed at a cost of Tk 30 crore. While talking to the news agency, Mijanur Rahman, executive engineer of Education Engineering Department (EED), said 24 private schools and two colleges were brought under the projects.

Academic buildings will be constructed at 10 schools while an equal number will have vertical extension. Besides, Tk 30 crore has been allocated for need-based infrastructure development of six government high schools.

Meanwhile, educational institutes in Rajshahi metropolis got a new look amidst massive infrastructure developments during the last five years.

Engineer Mijanur Rahman said work on 182 out of total 254 schemes has been completed. “We have constructed necessary infrastructure at selected private collages in order to ensure quality education with assistance of information and communication technology,” he said.

Necessary infrastructure development of 10 selected non-government secondary schools and nine colleges was completed with the main thrust of raising quality in education. Some 125 repairing and renovation works under 183 schemes were completed.

“We have implemented necessary uplift work in 13 government and non- government institutes and supplied furniture to 12 others,” said Engineer Rahman adding that multi-storey buildings are being constructed at selected non-government colleges.

In addition to construction of multi-storey buildings at three madrasas, 20 non-government secondary schools were brought under physical infrastructure development works.

New building construction, repairing, renovation and furniture supply work on the government and private schools were implemented.