POST TIME: 8 September, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Barishal University runs short of teachers
Murad Ahmed, Barishal

Barishal University runs short of teachers

A shortage of teachers is hampering education at Barishal University. The number of sanctioned posts is well short of what it should be according to the student-teacher ratio. Making matters worse is persisting vacancies in about 97 per cent of the sanctioned posts of professors and 98 per cent in case of associate professors.

Over 7,000 students are currently enrolled here in the 24 courses offered by the varsity. Sources say the varsity has 44 professor posts, but 43 of them are lying vacant. Only Prof. Md. Mohshin is presently acting as the head of the English department. Similarly, there are 66 sanctioned posts of associate professors, but only D. Hasinur Rahman is doing the job as the head of the soil department. The remaining 65 posts are till vacant.

University registrar Md Munirul Islam said there are 241 sanctioned posts of lecturers and assistant professors, but only 173 had been filled. Moreover, only 173 teachers have been appointed against 351 sanctioned posts, keeping 49 per cent of them vacant for a long time. Similarly, 590 posts of officers and employees, out of 616, have remained vacant.

Munirul Islam also said the standard of education is being adversely affected due to the shortage of teachers. It is impossible for an assistant professor to play a professor’s role, he noted.

Students Arman Abedin, Samsul Islam and Rokeya Begum said they are not getting quality education as per their expectation. “We won't not be a match for students from other universities when it comes to seeking jobs because of the poor standard of education here,” one of them told The Independent.

Ibrahim Mollah, an assistant professor holding the post of head of the finance and banking department, said 22 assistant professors are holding the post of heads of various departments in the absence of full professors.  He acknowledged that students and teachers are both were suffering as a consequence.

He felt professors and assistant professors are reluctant to join the university due to lack of career prospects, shortage of accommodation, and transport problems.

Prof. D Imamul Haque, vice-chancellor of the university, said: “We've sent several letters to the authorities concerned to fill the vacant posts, but there has been no satisfactory reply. Not a single post has been filled in the last one year.”