POST TIME: 7 September, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Literacy rate now 72.9pc
At least 3.25cr still illiterate in country

Literacy rate now 72.9pc

The primary and mass education minister, Mostafizur Rahman, has said that at least 3.25 crore people in the country are still illiterate. He said Bangladesh's current literacy rate is 72.9 per cent. It was 72.3 per cent last year. “We have taken up an elaborate programme to spread literacy among the 3.25 crore. We have been successful to a great extent. Our programme will continue as long as the curse of illiteracy is there,” he added. The minister was addressing a press conference yesterday at his ministry at the Secretariat, ahead of International Literacy Day on September 8.

In reply to a query, the minister said the campaign to remove illiteracy had been stopped for a long time and the

Awami League has re-launched it. He said the government has taken up a number of programmes to eradicate illiteracy. The government is implementing the “basic literacy project” in 64 districts with the cooperation of the Bureau Non-formal Education to impart literacy among the 15 to 45 plus age group.

He said under the non-formal education development programme, the existing 3.25 crore illiterate people will be made literate. He also said 10 lakh children aged 8-10 years who are out of schools will be given primary education. Besides, all newly literate people, numbering 50 lakh, will be given skill development training to make them skilled manpower for employment and self-employment.

A total of 5,025 ICT-based permanent community learning centres will be set up in each union and some urban areas to conduct non-formal primary education programme for children out of schools. At the same time, a “livelihood skill development training centre” will be set up in each district. The minister said 1.80 crore people have been made literate under the literacy movement from 1996 to 2001.

To mark International Literacy Day, the ministry has taken up elaborate programmes, including rallies, seminars, discussion meeting.

Asked when the primary level will be upgraded to Class VIII, the minister said: “The matter is still under scrutiny. It will be implemented when the scrutiny will be over.”