POST TIME: 7 September, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Bypass road needed to curb traffic congestion

Bypass road needed to curb traffic congestion

A chaotic situation prevails in Nilphamari district town for the want of a bypass road. At least 200 trucks and buses pass through the main road running through the town, making the road risky for pedestrians and creating a heavy load of pollution. Locals have often held demonstrations and formed human chains to draw attention to the problem and the need for building of a bypass road, but the authorities concerned have  remained unmoved.

Nilphamari district town stretches for about four kilometres from north to south. The main road divides the town into two parts. The 4-km-long thoroughfare sees unbearable traffic jam almost daily, causing immense difficulties for commuters, especially students.

Nilphamari municipality mayor Md Deoan Kamal Ahmed said a bypass road was urgently needed to reduce the insufferable traffic congestion in the area.

Civil society members claimed that enough vacant land was available to build a bypass road. They said such a road would certainly ease the traffic condition.

According to Nilphamari municipality sources, initiatives taken by the civic body have to be shelved because of the enormous cost of road construction.

But locals said the need for a bypass road was being badly felt and that it should be constructed at any cost. Otherwise, they said, traffic congestion would be unbearable.