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Tk 2,260cr projects underway to manage water resources

Tk 2,260cr projects underway to manage water resources

RAJSHAHI: Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) has been implementing eight development projects involving around Tk 2260.14 crore in Rajshahi division for a proper management of water resources in the region, reports BSS.

Mukhlesur Rahman, executive engineer of BWDB, said necessary steps have been taken to protect Rajshahi metropolis from erosion by the river Padma.

The work on 4.905-kilometer river embankment protection and three groin/spars rehabilitation is being executed under Tk 268.17-crore project that will protect more than five kilometers area from river erosion.

The bank of the Padma river has started getting a new look following implementation of the development scheme.

Upon successful completion of the protection, the entire area will be turned into an amusement park. Dredging of six-kilometer river area will start as soon as possible.

A Tk 159.97-crore mega project has been adopted for constructing a rubber dam across Mohananda River in Chapainawabganj district for bringing back its navigability.

In addition to construction of the dam, 36.05-kilometer river area will be brought under capital dredging. More than 7,500 hectares of land could be brought under irrigation upon successful implementation of the project titled “Rubber Dam Construction and River Dredging in Mohananda”.

A project of alternative embankment construction including the right bank protection of the Jamuna River from Kurnibari to Chandanbaisha under Sariakandi upazila in Bogura district is being implemented successfully.

The work on 31.70 hectares land acquisition and 5.9-kilometer river bank protection is progressing fast under the Tk 333.38-crore project. Eighty-five percent work was completed till July last and the rest is expected to end by June next.

Muhammad Ali, chief engineer of BWDB, told BSS that 30 percent on a project titled ‘Protection of Khudbandi, Singrabari and Shubhadanga areas under Kazipur Upazila in Sirajganj district from erosion by Jamuna River’ were completed.

Under the Tk 465.46-crore project, acquisition of 13.5 hectares of land, protection of four-kilometer river bank, restoration of 40-kilometer embankment and rehabilitation of two spars are progressing. Apart from, 18-kilometer river area will be brought under dredging.

Another project named “Development of reclaimed land from the river Jamuna and protection of the proposed Economic Zone in Sirajganj district” has been adopted.

There are provisions of protection of 3.20-kilometer river bank, dumping of 4.68-square-kilometer area reclaimed by river dredging, construction of 3.20-kilometer earth embankment and a 50-meter drainage outlet-cum-bridge under the Taka 509.94-crore project.

A project of river connection excavation with Gajnar Beel, development of irrigation facilities and fish culture in Sujanagar upazila under Pabna district is being implemented with an estimated cost of around Taka 439.27 crore.

All the specified works like 186.10 hectares of land acquisition, excavation of 90.18-kilometer branch canal and 47.73-kilometer Badai River, construction of Talimnagar Pump Station, 17 structures and two bridges and dredging of 300-meter Jamuna River are scheduled to complete by June next.

Engineer Ali says implementation of another project titled “Flood Control, Water Sewerage and Irrigation in Joboy Beel under Shapahar and Porsha upazilas of Naogaon district” has been started.

There are provisions of implementing multidimensional works like 7.93 hectares of land acquisition, construction of a 14-vent regulator and 10 inlets, restoration of 14-kilometer embankment, re-excavation of 14-kilometer canal and protection of 0.8-kilomter approach road slope under the Taka 41.96-crore project.

Initiatives have been taken to protect the areas of Shingra Municipality under Natore district from erosion by Atrai and Nagar Rivers.

There are provisions of protecting 1.708-kilometer river embankment and re-excavating 96-kilomer River under the Taka 41.99-crore project.