POST TIME: 6 September, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Guinness World Record
64-year-old FF swims 186 kms

64-year-old FF swims 186 kms

Khitindra Chandra Boishya, a 64-year-old freedom fighter, swam 186 kilometers of the Bhogai River, setting it a new Guinness World Record, reports UNB.

Khitindra started the swimming jumping into the river from the west side of a bridge in Nalitabari upazila headquarters at 7am on Monday and finished it in presence of hundreds enthusiastic people around 8pm after 61 hours without taking any break.

Madan Upazila Nagarik Committee and Nalitabari pourashava provided necessary support to Khitindra to make his attempt a success.

Earlier, a female swimmer of Florida in the USA has a record of swimming 177kms.

Khitindra Chandra Boishya hailing from Zahangir Baishapara in Madan upazila has been serving as ANS consultant of Aircraft.