POST TIME: 6 September, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Rejoinder and our reply

Rejoinder and our reply

The Myanmar embassy in Dhaka has issued a response to a news report published in The Independent on August 29 with the headline “Government to bring back 368 ‘CHT people’ from Myanmar. Bangladesh yet to receive consular access”.

The embassy gave the “response” through a September 4 letter to the editor of The Independent and termed the news FAKE. Signed by Lwin Oo, Ambassador of the Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar in Dhaka, also expressed their.

In the letter, the Myanmar embassy said: “In the said article on 368 Chittagong people displaced from Bangladesh into Myanmar, it was wrongly mentioned that The Bangladesh embassy in Yangon sought consular access to meet the people, but the Myanmar authorities have not yet granted consular access.”

The letter adds: “In actual fact, Mr. Shah Alaom Khokon and Mr. Fouzul Kabir, Bangladesh Consuls, splitting into three consular teams, had already conducted consular access to those persons since 2- 3 August 2018, with the responsive permission of the Myanmar authorities.

Our Reply: The report is by no means ‘fake’ as it was based on facts, and the ambassador, in his letter, himself admitted that the people were in detention and given consular access on August 2- 3 with the responsive permission of the Myanmar authorities.

However, a portion of our report that says ‘Bangladesh yet to receive consular access’ was published based on a Bangladeshi embassy official’s quote taken prior to the granting of consular access by the Myanmar authorities.