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Cucumber growers satisfied with good yield, fair price
Our correspondent, Noakhali

Cucumber growers satisfied with good yield, fair price

This recent photo shows some growers sorting out cucumbers at Chowdhury Bazaar in Subarnachar upazila of Noakhali district. INDEPENDENT PHOTO

Growers of cucumber in Noakhali district are happy over a bumper production this year.

 The Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) set a target of 34,434 tonnes with a per hectare yield of 18 tonnes. But the target has been far exceeded, say DAE sources.

 Several growers told this correspondent that a good number of farmers cultivated cucumber, eyeing a bumper harvest this year. Now, they are happy both for the yield and the prices.

 DAE deputy director Dr Abul Hossain told The Independent that timely cultivation, high quality seeds, and correct use of fertilisers have resulted in the bumper production this year.

 In the three upazilas of Sadar, Subarnachar and Hatiya, 80 hectares of land had been brought under cultivation this year.

 Abul Hossain said the sandy ‘char’ areas beside the Meghna river were very fertile and suitable for cucumber cultivation.

Char Mohiuddi, Abdullahpur, Char Bata, Tomuruddin, Batiertak, among others, are brimming over with cucumbers. Farmers have already started harvesting them.

 Abdul Motalab of Char Urira said the southern coastal district of Noakhali will witness a bumper production by doubling the last year’s yield.

 Another grower, Mobarak, said cucumber cultivation was good on the sandy Hatiya Char.

 Mizanur Rahman, another cultivator in Sadar upazila, said: “I cultivated cucumbers on 7 hectares of land  a month ago. I am now reaping the harvest. Over the last few days, I sold nearly 80 kg of cucumbers in the local markets. This vegetable can be harvested within only 30–35 days. I used high-quality seeds and right amounts of fertilisers and got a bumper production. I hope 10 tonnes will be harvested this month.”

 During Eid- ul-Azha, there was a high demand for cucumbers with a mound of that crop selling for Tk. 1,100–1,300, he added.