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Promoting thrust sectors

Promoting thrust sectors

Industrialists at a meeting on the ‘Securing Employment and Economic Development around Jute Textile and Light Engineering Sector in North-west Bangladesh’ in Rangpur recently have stressed on flourishing the jute textile and light engineering sector to create huge employments for accelerating economic development in the northwestern region. There are immense opportunities for promoting various commodities of day-to-day use made of jute. There was a time when jute would hold out immense possibilities for farmers of the country. As time rolled on, demand for jute and jute products began to fall pouring cold water into the enthusiasm of the growers. What is needed now is to expand the use of the eco-friendly jute products leaving synthetic polyethylene to ensure fair price of jute.    

   Considering the dismal plight of farmers and for salvaging the jute industry from the dire straits the government has taken some pragmatic measures. Ban on production and use of polythene bags put a brake on the invasion of polythene bags but use of jute bags and jute products which is environment-friendly is yet to be introduced in a remarkable way.  The government should take measures for diversified use of jute. There is no alternative to ensuring fair price of jute for the benefit of the growers. Use of jute bags has been made mandatory. More such measures should be taken to salvage the jute sector.    RMG sector has contributed to the growth of the national economy considerably. Jute sector can also play a vital role in poverty alleviation.

Light engineering is one of the thrust sector industries in the country. It is encouraging to note that self-made technicians, particularly based on the capital’s Dholaikhal area, have been rendering a great service for repairing and servicing of various machines. Although many of them do not have academic engineering degree, they have gained expertise to produce industrial machinery and spare parts. Their innovative engineering prowess has astounded many qualified engineers. They have acquired engineering skill through hand on experience by disassembling and reconstructing worn-out machines.

 According to an estimate, more than 52 per cent of the domestic demand for machinery and spare parts are met up by some 40,000 light engineering companies that are mostly in Dhaka. Many industries do not need to import machines and spare parts from abroad as these are now produced in the country. Thus, this sector is saving a lot of foreign exchange every year. It is expected that proper patronage of the sectors by the government will contribute to accelerating the economic growth.