POST TIME: 3 September, 2018 00:00 00 AM
From the Editor
M. Shamsur Rahman

From the Editor

The skin is the largest organ of the human body covering the entire surface of the body. The skin is subject to a wide range of medical conditions and infections ranging from simple manifestations to complicated ones like skin cancer. There are also skin diseases which may spread to the mucous membrane under the skin and a disease of the mucous

membrane may affect the skin. Skin diseases are of concern for the younger people who are

careful about their appearance in public and also for the older generation. The older generation is more susceptible to skin cancer and some other chronic skin diseases.

Though the basic cause is unknown, one

common cause of skin cancer is exposure of the skin to sunlight, as in the case of our labourers working under the open sky. Dark-skinned

persons are protected by melanin in the skin, yet constant exposure predisposes to skin cancer. Other skin diseases besides those due to

infection, exposure, use of cosmetics, diet and stress, are those caused by insect and plant

parasites such as fleas and fungi.

Our cover story this week is on Skin Diseases which will provide information on prevention, modes of treatment and care for patients

affected with any of the various skin diseases which are quite a few in number, the most

serious being skin cancer.