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Police officer arrested over trader murder

Police officer arrested over trader murder

An officer of Shyampur police station has been arrested in connection with the murder of a businessman in Dhaka’s Keraniganj area back in June. Shah Jamal, officer-in-charge (OC) of South Keraniganj police station, confirmed the arrest to The Independent, adding that it was made on the basis of an arrestee’s confessional statement.

Sub-inspector (SI) Nur-E Alam was nabbed last night. He is alleged to be linked to the plot to murder a Shyampur businessman identified as Yunus Hawladar, said the OC.

The police arrested Nur-E Alam yesterday (Saturday). Earlier, he was closed from Shyampur police station on the basis of a serious complaint.

Mizanur Rahman, OC of Shyampur police station, said an arrestee’s statement confirmed his association with the murder, and so, he

was ‘closed’ with the police station.

On June 25, the police recovered the body of an old man from Hasnabad area under South Keraniganj police station. After the identity of the body was confirmed that night, the son of the victim, Atiquzzaman, filed a case against unknown persons.

Police arrested Ohid Sumon, 27, a resident of Hawlader's house, and Shamim, 43, of Jatrabari area. After admitting responsibility for the murder, Ohid Sumon made a confession to a Dhaka court. He said there that SI Nur-E Alam had planned this murder.

Yunus Hawlader was a businessman who used to trade in agricultural equipment in Old Dhaka but retired from business 10 years ago. On January 19, police raided Hawladar’s house and detained five of his tenants. A case was filed against him in connection with human trafficking. It was also claimed that he was involved in a prostitution racket.

Hawladar later secured bail before the High Court (HC) but was afraid about the case. He wanted to be rid of this case, and contacted SI Nur-E Alam.

According to information available, Hawladar was lured to Keraniganj with an assurance that he would be dropped from a case, and murdered there. An amount of Tk. 3 lakh allegedly changed hands in connection with this case.

SI Nur-E Alam was produced before a Dhaka court. A five-day remand was sought by SI Akkel Ali of South Keraniganj police, who is also the investigation officer.

The remand hearing has been put on waiting and will be held later. The arrestee has been sent to jail for the present.