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Tonni always dreams of becoming true artiste
DL reporter

Tonni always dreams of becoming true artiste

Stepping into the showbiz by participating in the reality show ‘Lux-Channel i Superstar 2014’, young model-turned-actress Sanzida Tonni is now a promising face on the small screen. Though the young actress had to face a lot of challenges with her career of hosting and acting in the beginning, she has by now made a position for her in the media with all hard works.

At the beginning of her acting career, Tonni got the opportunity of working in Dipankar Dipan-directed drama serial ‘Love Guru.com’. Then, she worked under the direction of another brilliant director like Gias Uddin Selim. Gradually Tonni tried to make a firm position in the industry by working in several projects under renowned directors.

At present, Tonni-starrer drama serials ‘Rosher Hari’ and ‘Sondeho Virus’ are being aired regularly on Baishakhi TV and Deepto TV respectively.

Besides, the actress has just begun working in Iftekhar Ifti’s new drama serial ‘Piritpur’. Also, she is hosting the reality show ‘Banglabid’ regularly.

Her recent Eid ventures Shahnewaz’s ‘Chander Chada’, Akash Ranjan’s ‘Uchit Kotha’, Anwar Hossain’s ‘Eta Amader Golpo’ and BTV aired tele-drama ‘ Amito Preme-e Pori Nai’ were admired by the viewers.

“My motivation in acting comes from seeing the performance of Suborna Mustafa and Jaya Ahsan. Since childhood, I have enjoyed their acting and from there, I always dream of becoming a true artiste. I want to establish myself as a good actress”, the young actress said about her future days. 

Photo courtesy : Mohsin Ahmed