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Paid for no work
OSD secretary getting salary and other allowances for 7 years

Paid for no work

He has been drawing salary and getting other benefits from the government without having to do any work for the last seven years. He does not have to attend office, and for that the authorities never ask him to explain. He is provided with a vehicle, the required amount of fuel and a driver. He also enjoys various allowances and bonus -- all from the state exchequer. At the same time, he has been given the status of a VIP.  His name is Md. Ebadot Ali, NDC. He has been serving as a secretary with the tag, officer on special duty (OSD), in the Ministry of Public Administration for the last seven years.

This is the first instance in which a secretary has been getting a monthly salary of about Tk. 2,00,000, without having to work. When contacted, Md Ebadot Ali, a 1983 batch BSC administration cadre official, told The Independent that he does not know why he was made OSD.

“I was made OSD when I was in charge (acting secretary) of the railway division on September 14, 2011. I was promoted as secretary while still an OSD. As a civil servant, I want to work, not just draw salary as an OSD,” he said.

Ebadot Ali, a former member of the Planning Commission, said he is scheduled to go on PRL soon, and so would not make further comments.

Senior officials of the Ministry of Public Administration told this correspondent that they are not aware why he had been

made OSD. “There are a few lucky officials in the bureaucracy who have been promoted as secretary. Ebadot Ali must have been considered as an efficient official. We have seen that some officials were made OSDs on the perception that they were pro-BNP or pro-Jamaat officials. But Ebadot Ali was posted in different important ministries, and was even made deputy commissioner, during the tenure of the present government,” one of the officials added.

 Sources in the Ministry of Public Administration and the Finance Division said that about Tk. 2,00,000 is given to a secretary as monthly salary and allowances.  Ali has been paid approximately Tk. 1.8 crore in the last seven years.  Ali, born in Pabna on January 23, 1960, has completed nine different courses at home and abroad.

 He has worked as the Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO), Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC), DC, Deputy Secretary, Joint Secretary and Transport Commissioner of the government transport pool.

 There is an option in the civil bureaucracy that any official who has completed 25 years of service, can be sent home with all retirement benefits in the public interest.  As of August 28, about 250 officials, including a secretary, 18 additional secretaries, 85 joint secretaries and 125 deputy secretaries, have been made OSDs. There are a total of 5,645 cadre officials in the civil administration.