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Mithun wants to contribute along with senior members
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Mithun wants to contribute
along with senior members

The way Bangladesh have been performing for the last four years especially in one-day cricket, Mohammad Mithun like other players believes that if they could maintain it in the Asia Cup, it would then be possible to be Asia Cup champions.

Mithun also believes that if they could keep the momentum by playing better brand of cricket, in this case, they could be reached at the second round by crossing the hurdle of the first round.

“Of course, I am hopeful because what happens in other formats of games, Bangladesh are better enough in one-day cricket especially we have been playing better cricket for the last four years back,” said Mohammad Mithun, who will try to prove his third-time chance as lucky one.

“If we-the juniors, could perform with the same pace of the senior players, it will then be better for the team. I think, it’ll be different result,” Mithun told reporters after their first skills practice.

“Actually our main target is to become champions in Asia Cup. But it’s crucial to cross the first hurdle of the tournament. If we could perform well with the same pace of the senior players and contribute to the team, it would be easier for us to go through the second round,” he added.

“When I will play for the team’s need then there is nothing to focus on myself. Every person has aim in life but every thing is not always fulfilled. As a player, I have to be prepared myself for playing at every position in the interest of the team. Actually I will attempt to provide my hundred percent at what position I will play. I’ll keep it in mind so that the team could be benefited by me.”

“The matter of Bangladesh depends on momentum. If we could start a good start and remain confident as a team and if we could cross the hurdle of the first round it would then be better. Cricket is a game of a day. Those who will play well the result will come in their favours. So, we’ll of course try to bring the momentum in favour of them and play better cricket.”

“Since the inception of my career, I have been trying to play positive cricket. Even I don’t take much time to be set on wickets. I attempt to maintain the initial flow of runs and rotate the strike. In this case, batting at No 6 or 7 is important for me to rotate the strike. It is in my nature.”

“So, there is nothing to think much about it. I’m used to playing in such way since my childhood. Probably I used to playing with new ball or take times while I would bat at top-order position though I will not get enough time to bat at No 6 or 7. But when a player will play at No 6 or 7, he has to play with the strike rate of 110-115, 120-130. The situation will demand differently. But I think it would be better if I could bat at this strike rate