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Milon and Ahona in their first drama serial
DL reporter

Milon and Ahona in their first drama serial

Audience-admired actor Anisur Rahman Milon and popular model-actress Ahona Rahman are set to appear together in a drama serial for the first time in their acting career. Under the direction of Faridul Hasan, the duo will share the screen in the drama serial titled ‘Lucky Thirteen’. The drama will be aired on RTV soon.

In the drama serial, Ahona will be seen portraying the character of Lucky while Milon will be seen playing the character of Raja.

DhakaLive has news that the shooting of ‘Lucky Thirteen’ started at the end of last month in a shooting house in the capital.  

About the plot of the drama serial, Faridul Hasan said, “Mohabbat is a zamindar in his area who married 12 times. His grandson Raja likes Lucky. To ask for her hand in marriage, Raja takes his grandfather Mohabbat to Lucky’s home. Incidentally, Lucky’s father wants to marry his daughter to Mohabbat instead of Raja. With a situation like this, the story of the drama serial moves forward.”     

Milon said, “I have earlier worked in the drama serial ‘Baundule’ under Faridul Hasan’s direction. All his works are properly organised. Most importantly, he always works with full script which makes me interested to work in his projects.”

“This is my first drama serial with Ahona. As the story of the drama serial drives our characters to different situations, we are really enjoying acting in it”, Milon added.

Ahona said, “I have worked under Faridul Hasan’s direction earlier and he always works with care. He maintains well-organised unit which is crucial for every artiste. I am enjoying acting with Anisur Rahman Milon. Besides, this is also very fascinating to play the titular role in the drama serial.”

However, the audience will see only three of the wives of Mohabbat in the beginning of the drama serial. The character of Mohabbat will be played by Amirul Haque Chowdhury and the characters of three wives will be enacted by Sharmili Ahmed, Khaleda Aktar and Farzana Chhoby.   

Photo courtesy : Mohsin Ahmed