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Asha, Jovan in tele-drama ‘Megh Dekhbe Boley’
The drama to be aried today at 8pm
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Asha, Jovan in tele-drama ‘Megh Dekhbe Boley’

Lustrous model-actress Azmeri Asha and audience admired actor Farhan Ahmed Jovan will be seen sharing screen tonight in tele-drama ‘Megh Dekhbe Boley’ at 8:00pm on RTV. Written by Prince A.R, the tele-drama is directed by Dipu Hazra. Other casts of the tele-drama include Prosun Azad, Taveer and Ahsan Alamgir, among others. DhakaLive has news that the entire shooting of the tele-drama has taken place in Nepal.

The story of the tele-drama begins with Asha and her friend Prosun, who were supposed to go to Nepal together. However, due to an emergency, Prosun at the last moment, fails to board their scheduled flight and Asha has to fly to Nepal alone. Upon reaching Nepal, Asha loses her luggage and all of her money.

Jovan, who happens to be on the same flight sees Asha in distress and offers to help her. But, Asha does not take the offer well. When Asha boards a room in a hotel, the manager of the hotel mistakenly gives the master key of Asha’s room to Jovan. Jovan, assuming Asha’s room to be his own room, opens doors and gets baffled. The story moves forward from such situation with different turns. l