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Kitchen Market
Prices of essentials regain normalcy
Staff Reporter

Prices of essentials regain normalcy

With the Eid vacation over and people returning to capital Dhaka, the prices of essentials regained normalcy during the past week. Roaming around the market, it was found that the prices of vegetables and eggs were relatively low, while the price of hilsa showed an upward trend in the kitchen markets of the capital.

Traders said that presence of buyers and vendors were low after the Eid vacations. But their numbers increased yesterday, giving most of the capital’s kitchen market a normal feel.

The price of hilsa weighing between 500 and 600 grams was between Tk 700 and Tk 800. Traders said hilsa weighing around 2 kg was being sold for Tk 1,800 to Tk 2,200. The price of a hilsa weighing 1 kg costs around Tk 1,200 to Tk 1,300. A medium-sized hilsa was being sold for Tk 800.

Buyers claimed that in order to book some extra profits every year, traders were storing hilsa for every occasion and hiking the price. As a result, an artificial shortage of hilsa was being created in the market, keeping the price high.

Traders said that the price of national fish was, however, low compared to other times. They also claimed that the demand for hilsa was high and the supply relatively low.

Meanwhile, hilsa fish from Myanmar, which is relatively cheaper than the local varieties, was also flooding the market. Rui fish prices are Tk 250-260 a kg; tilapia is being sold at Tk130 per kg and Katla fish sold for Tk 260.

However, along with the number of buyers and sellers, the supply of vegetables increased, too. As a result, all vegetables were being sold at slightly lower prices than before Eid.

The prices of onions and chillies—two essentials for cooking meat—showed a downward trend.

The Indian onions were being sold in local markets at Tk25-30 per kg, while the local variety sold for Tk50-55 a kg. Demand for onions, an essential cooking ingredient, increases during Eid festivities.

One of the buyers told the independent that prices were slightly low but still biting compared to last year.

Visiting different market including Karwan Bazar, it was found that boiler chicken was being sold at Tk 120-130, which sold at 150-160 per kg before the Eid. Layer chicken was being sold at Tk 220-230.

Meanwhile, egg prices also dropped with a dozen being sold at Tk 90-95 which was over hundred before and during the Eid.

One of the traders told the independent that most people had frozen meat in their refrigerators. As a result, the demand for chicken was low. That's why the prices of chicken and eggs dropped a little.

On Friday, chilli was offered Tk 100 per kg and pointed gourd at Tk 30-35 per kg. Pumpkin also sold at the same price. However, before Eid, chilli was sold at Tk 180 a kg. For a month chilli was the most pricy item in the kitchen market.

Summer vegetables like snake gourd and sponge gourd were selling at Tk 30-40 a kg and bitter gourd at Tk 35-40 a kg on Friday.

A vegetable vendor told this reporter that the prices of vegetables had jumped after Eid amid a shortage of supply but the prices were now coming down.