POST TIME: 1 September, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Deposed Australian PM Turnbull quits parliament

Deposed Australian PM Turnbull quits parliament

SYDNEY: Deposed Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull officially resigned from parliament Friday, sparking a by-election for his Sydney seat that could threaten the government’s slim one-seat majority. Moderate Turnbull, 63, was ousted a week ago in a Liberal party coup driven by a hardline conservative faction and he indicated at the time he would not move to the backbench.

New Prime Minister Scott Morrison paid tribute to his “legacy of great achievement”. “Malcolm Turnbull’s retirement draws to a close 14 years of committed service to the Australian people and his beloved electorate of Wentworth, culminating in his term as prime minister,” he said.

“The Liberal Party thanks him for his commitment to our values and calm stewardship of our great institution, even in times of difficulty.” His transition to civilian life should be smooth. Turnbull was one of Australia’s wealthiest parliamentarians and he went to Canberra after previous stints as a journalist, banker, lawyer and businessman.