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Development dynamics and pro-people mindset
When a newly-constructed road develops gaping holes or when a newly-built bridge develops dangerous cracks just after a few days of their construction, they clearly become issues of horrifying national concerns
Sakib Hasan

Development dynamics and pro-people mindset

For all-round national development to put in full gear, bringing about a revolutionary change in the attitudinal pattern with regard to the people of the whole country, the thing that matters the most is a mandatory patriotic chemistry. The levels and degrees of patriotic zeal working among us are reversely proportional to the innate urges for self-interest. When the tentacles of venoms packed with self-interest overrides and overpowers the selfless passion for the country as well as the people, morbid competition to amass wealth for individual self silently makes its destructive entrance inside us eating out all altruistic essences and thus ultimately leaving us incapable of safeguarding and promoting country’s development and unable to work in changing the lot of common masses.

When the power of money and undue influence with all its possible manifestations determine almost all in a society, it opens a floodgate for all sorts of corrupt practices and evil phenomena. Dishonest means and unfair practices are then taken as accepted standards for that society’s transactions and dealings. As a direct impact of this down-sliding trend, all our positive norms, codes and values are dented beyond recovery and which is why the institutions of accountability are torn down in a horrifying pace. It is neither an individual nor any particular organization nor even any political or professional groups who are involved in bagging profits and benefits. In fact, almost each and every one of us either directly or indirectly is now receiving the dividends and kickbacks of corrupt dealings.

Every year a tremendously huge budget is allotted for both infrastructural and other development works. Only a fragmented portion of the allotted money is properly utilized for true development works and the huge remaining amount meant to be used for development go typically to the channels of varying stake-holders of beneficiaries other than common masses. For example, development of infrastructural works like constructions of roads and buildings will give proofs and evidences as to how money is not spent properly. When a newly-constructed road develops gaping holes or when a new-built bridge develops dangerous cracks just after a few day of their construction, they clearly become issues of horrifying national concerns. I firmly believe that any highest echelon of leadership is hardly responsible for such anti-people processes and practices.

The people concerned both directly and indirectly with the implementation process of government’s development projects are obviously responsible for poor and flimsy finishes. These people practically work in the fields of the development sites. On behalf of the government, they spend public money and again it is these people who are empowered to monitor and oversee the progresses of all development works.

When these people build a chain of interest-syndicate, hardly the topmost leadership has really very little space to steer the wheel in the right direction.

It is absolutely the morbidly desperado drives after self-interest of the people concerned with implementation process that is hugely liable for despairingly poor ratings of all development works and projects. Moreover, the similar interest-syndicate is even more active in the employment processes. As a result of cumulative operations of desperate self-seekers in the development arena, development projects though begin with good intentions and earnestness end in frustrating finishes.

This vicious interest nexus typically transcends political colors and flavors and has been active ever since our independence in 1971. Though the blame of corruption and irregularity is customarily put on the ruling party, the whole truth is that self-seekers from different political identities change their hues overnight with the singular mission of looting public money.

Through strengthening institutions of accountability at all tiers and strata in the public procedural channels, the self-seeking mindset of the people can be changed to a great extent. It is one of the bitterest experiences of the common people that even though there are existences of accountability apparatuses in papers, their operational effectiveness is felt the least in practices. For example, the irregularities and anomalies that we experience in our everyday dealings with regard to our formal official transactions go unaddressed in most cases and contexts. Why don’t the things turn in the way it is ethically supposed to? The emergence of independent Bangladesh out of the sea of blood can never be a fortune-making bonanza just for a handful of blessed and favored people. Obviously, the supreme sacrifices of martyred people were made clearly for the highest common good of the teeming millions.

Framing the mindset of the power-wielding people in the self-sacrificing and people-friendly format is undoubtedly the toughest ever challenge in the contextual reality of Bangladesh. However, I for one think and believe that it is not impossible at all. First, before asking others to behave in the way accepted by the standards of norms and values, we have to change ourselves radically rising above the self and partisan interests. What I actually mean to say is that the lead must come from the higher echelon of the leadership. Second, culture of indemnity and immunity has to be buried forever. Instead, the culture of disciplinary punishment has to be put in place rigorously. Finally, I firmly believe that though many people have been snapped from their moral moorings, all are not rotten yet. Let us hope for the best.

The writer, Assistant Professor of English in Bogra Cantonment Public School & College, is a contributor to

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