POST TIME: 17 August, 2018 09:53:53 AM
‘Dhaka Attack’ now available on Bioscope
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‘Dhaka Attack’ now available on Bioscope

The sensational recent blockbuster ‘Dhaka Attack’ is now at the fingertips with Bioscope bringing the super hit film exclusively for its worldwide digital viewers. From the very beginning, the anticipation surrounding this film was very high and met expectations. Released on October 6 last year, ‘Dhaka Attack’ opened in over 100 cinemas in Bangladesh and was later released worldwide. ‘Dhaka Attack’ also received massive response overseas when it hit theatres across USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia and the Middle East and emerged as a super-duper box office hit.

What made ‘Dhaka Attack’ stand out from all other Bangladeshi films? Based on the bravery of the Bangladesh Police force, the film’s unique style of storytelling and non-stop enthralling action kept the audiences unmoved at their seats. Filmmaker Dipankar Dipon made his directorial debut with the film.

The movie has a star-studded casting of Arifin Shuvo, Mahiya Mahi, Alamgir, Afzal Hossain, Laila Hasan, Taskeen Rahman, Nawshaba and others. As the main antagonist, newcomer Taskin Rahman was the show-stopper. Arifin Shuvo in the lead role received huge appreciation for this role. Based on terrorism and contemporary issues, the film showcased great acting and cinematography. ‘Dhaka Attack’ broke many records for Bangladeshi cinema history. This movie can be viewed through live streaming online platform Bioscope, anywhere and anytime across the world. Viewers can stream this film through Bioscope’s app or on the website- www.bioscopelive.com.

Director Dipankar Dipan said, ‘I am very much grateful to our viewers. ‘Dhaka Attack’ has seen a massive success for their love and support. We have released the film on Bioscope so that our viewers can enjoy the film from home. Now, anyone can stream online and watch ‘Dhaka Attack’ on 1080p.’