POST TIME: 11 August, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Dalic to stay with Croatia

Dalic to stay with Croatia

AFP, ZAGREB: Zlatko Dalic, who led Croatia to the World Cup final last month, signalled on Thursday that he would stay on as coach, smoothing away doubts that emerged after his return from Russia.

Dalic had complained that he lacked the full support of the Croatia’s Football Federation (HNS), saying he had to “think carefully” about his future.

But a meeting with HNS president Davor Suker appeared to clear the air.

A formal signing of Dalic’s contract is expected at the next meeting of HNS executive committee, the statement said.

Croatia’s captain Luka Modric, the star midfielder who helped power the team to its first ever appearance in a World Cup final, had earlier urged Dalic to stay on to lead the team to Euro 2020. In recent days Dalic’s name had appeared among the South Korean side.