POST TIME: 9 August, 2018 08:25:43 AM
Mahde Hasan’s ‘Sand City’ awarded
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Mahde Hasan’s ‘Sand City’ awarded

Filmmaker Mahde Hasan

Bangladeshi filmmaker Mahde Hasan’s debut feature film ‘Sand City’ won a 8,000-Euro development grant from France’s Centre National du Cinéma in this year’s edition of the Locarno Festival’s Open Doors project.  The award earns Hasan a two-month residency offered by the Winterthur International Short Film Festival in partnership with Villa Sträuli. 

Began on August 1, the festival will end on August 11 at Locarno in Switzerland. The award has been announced on August 6.

The project Sand City’ is about three inhabitants of Dhaka - a Buddhist monk, a materialist young man, and an ethnic minority woman – all united by the unstable element of sand.  

Besides, the world premiere of Aung Rakhine’s short film ‘The Last Post Office’ was held on August 7 at the same festival.