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Lyricist Noyeem Gohorís family seeks PMís support
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Lyricist Noyeem Gohorís family seeks PMís support

Noted lyricist Noyeem Gohor, who inspired the freedom fighters during the most miserable time of the nation in 1971 with his ageless songs like ‘Janma Amar Dhanno Halo’, ‘Nangar Talo Talo Samay Je Halo Halo’ or ‘Purber Oi Akashe Surja Uthechhe’, is now terminally ill and admitted into a city hospital. Though he went under an open heart surgery with the support of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in 2000, he has fallen seriously ill again and spending a much helpless time at the hospital bed due to a pitiable financial condition. As Noyeem Gohor’s family found no other way for bearing the cost of his ongoing treatment, they are finally seeking help again from PM.
To build Bangladesh as an independent country, there are many heroes who inspired the freedom fighters immensely with their significant works and Noyeem Gohor is one of them.
Noyeem Gohor, received ‘Swadhinata Padak’ (Independence Award), the highest honour given by the state, from the hand of PM Sheikh Hasina in 2013 for his significant contribution to the country.
The current condition tells the sorry tale of a hero who never got any chance to look after himself as he always tried to make other people happy and spent all his assets for the wellbeing of the common people. Unfortunately, today his treatment--when he is in a severely sick condition--is almost stopped due to lack of money.
Popular actress Elora Gohor, who is a daughter of the noted lyricist, has humbly requested the government’s immediate support to save the life of her father. To note, Noyeem Gohor also wrote the title song for ‘Jodi Kichu Mone Na Koren’, which was once a highly audience-admired magazine show on Bangladesh Television. l