POST TIME: 14 September, 2015 00:00 00 AM
Rahul pairs up with Tareen in ‘Gaanwala’

Rahul pairs up with Tareen in ‘Gaanwala’

Rahul Anand, a popular musician-singer-artist-actor and member of the young folk group Joler Gaan, has paired up with audience-admired actress Tareen for an Eid special tele-drama titled ‘Gaanwala’, written and directed by Ejaj Munna. DhakaLive has news that Ejaj Munna has recently completed the work for the tele-drama. Other casts of the tele-drama includes Khalekuzzaman, Wasim Khan and Shyamol Mawla, among others.
Rahul Anand will play the role of Angshu and Tareen as Snata. This is also the first time that Rahul Anand has worked alongside Tareen. On that subject, “To put it simply, Tareen is an actress of high standard. It was truly a pleasurable experience working with her in ‘Gaanwala’.”
Tareen, who is very selective about the tele-dramas or tele-films that she works in, said, “I had a great time working for this tele-drama.” She is hopeful that this simple comment will create enthusiasm and interest among the viewers to tune in and watch the tele-drama.   
Ejaj Munna said about the pivotal roles in the tele-drama, “In ‘Gaanwala’, the story is mainly focused on the character of Angshu. To make that character properly stand out, Tareen did an amazing job for which I am extremely grateful to her.”
To note, the Joler Gaan-famed Rahul Anand has appeared in over ten tele-dramas. ‘Gaanwala’ is the only tele-drama that he will be working in this Eid. On the other hand, Tareen will be seen in the upcoming tele-film ‘Mon Janala’, directed by Nazrul Islam Raju, which will be aired on NTV during Eid. She is also seen regularly in an ongoing drama serial on Desh TV titled ‘Grand Master.’ ‘Gaanwala’ will air on NTV during the coming Eid-ul-Azha. l