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FF quota to remain, says PM
She urges caution against any conspiracy to disturb public peace

FF quota to remain, says PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday said it is not possible to reform freedom fighter quota in government jobs as there is a High Court verdict to continue it, reports UNB.

"There's a High Court verdict for maintaining the freedom fighter quota. How can we violate the High Court verdict? ...We can't do this," she said at her valedictory speech in the 21st (budget) session of the current parliament.

The Prime Minister said, "I had earlier said to cancel the entire quota system. But, now there's a High Court verdict in this regard. If I violate the verdict, I'll face the contempt of court. No one can do this."

Sheikh Hasina, however, said the vacant posts under quotas will be fulfilled with candidates from the merit list. "This process has been continuing for the last several years."

She also said, "I formed a committee headed by the Cabinet Secretary which is now looking into the matter. Then where's their (demonstrators) problem? It's my question."

Pointing to the quota reform movement, Sheikh Hasina said the demonstrators also cannot say what they actually want. Coming down heavily on the attackers on Dhaka University Vice-Chancellor's residence, she said those who carried out vandalism, attack, sat fire to cars and looted valuables in the VC's residence will not be spared.

"They can't be spared. So, they're being arrested and an investigation is underway. Many of them have already confessed," she said.

The Prime Minister said there is no country in the world to get higher education at such a low cost what is available in Bangladesh. Students are staging demonstrations paying only Tk 15 as seat rent a month for the hall they are living and Tk 30 for a meal.

"Is it a movement? It's a chaos, which can never be tolerated," she said pointing to vandalizing of a hall gate and coming out of female students from their dormitories at midnight. "If so, let them pay the seat rent and meal charge at market prices," Hasina said.

On a different note, the prime minister urged the people to remain careful so that no evil force would be able to destroy the peace and happiness from the life of the people.

“People are living in peace and happiness. We have to remain careful so that no evil force can snatch the peace and happiness,” she told parliament.

The Prime Minister praised the Opposition Leader and all the MPs for playing a very constructive role in the budget session.

She said a decent and fair atmosphere prevails in the current parliament. "Parliament was run the way it should have been in a democratic way," she added echoing the views of Opposition Leader Raushon Ershad.

Hasina said this Parliament which was formed through the 2014 election did not see any unwarranted activity. "There were very constructive discussions enhancing the dignity of Parliament to a large extent before the nation."

About the next general election, the Prime Minister in her over 50 minute-speech hoped that all, including the Opposition Jatiya Party, will participate in the polls.

"If people want, they'll give us the opportunity again to serve them through casting their votes in favour of boat (the election symbol of Awami League)," she said.

Focusing on various development activities of the government, Hasina said Bangladesh is marching forward and will do so."Nobody can stop Bangladesh now."