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No headway in Rohingya repatriation

No headway in 
Rohingya repatriation

The visits of high-profile international dignitaries to Dhaka have failed to make any headway in solving the Rohingya crisis. According to a report of this newspaper yesterday, continued arrival of Rohingyas to Cox’s Bazar from Rakhine is a clear violation of the repatriation deal signed between Bangladesh and Myanmar on November 23, 2017. On average, about 50 Rohingyas are received by the reception centres set up along the international border between Bangladesh and Myanmar though it is clearly stated in the deal that Naypyitaw would stop the influx immediately.

The visit of the United Nations Secretary General António Guterres and World Bank President Jim Yong Kim to Cox’s Bazar’s Rohingya camps could not help to ensure an early return of Rohingyas to their homeland in Myanmar, but their visit has certainly highlighted the dire straits these people are now in their camps. The two dignitaries saw the extreme hardships Rohingyas are facing and they felt the need of greater support for the largest and most densely populated refugee settlement in the world. Nations around the world know for sure that Bangladesh government cannot bear the cost of safe living of these oppressed people.

Thousands of Rohingyas have been passing their days and nights as stateless citizens in Bangladesh. They are bearing the brunt of floating existence. Becoming victims of brutal persecution in Myanmar, these hapless Rohingyas came to Bangladesh. They are living in Cox’s Bazar in appalling conditions. Most of these refugees are victims of violation of human rights and hostile situation in their native land made them violent to stay alive defying all odds. The refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar are crowded with Rohingyas. Absence of sufficient food, shelter and medical care has made their lives miserable. For survival, many Rohingyas have become involved in criminal activities, creating additional problems for the government of Bangladesh.

It is an obligation for the Myanmar government to accept the Rohingyas as its citizens and ensure their rights in their native soil. But the Myanmar government’s role on this vital issue has surprised the world community. Due to its controversial stand Myanmar government has become isolated in the international community. Being an overpopulated country Bangladesh cannot take the responsibility of the Rohingyas for a long time as it has many more own problems to address. Under the circumstances, the international community should force the Myanmar government to take back all the Rohingyas immediately.