POST TIME: 12 July, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Protest continues at DU
Students lock classrooms
DU Correspondent

Protest continues at DU

Teachers and students of Dhaka University yesterday (Wednesday) demanded release of arrested quota reformists and punishment of those who had attacked them. They urged the university authorities to ensure a safe campus.

Besides, students of the sociology department locked classrooms, demanding release of their fellow student, Moshiur, who is in police custody for involvement in the quota movement. A teacher of the department threatened to call the police if the students did not call off their agitation and withdraw boycotting of classes and exams.

About 500 students and teachers of the university took part in the human chain, formed on the premises of Mokarrom Bhaban of the university, demanding exemplary punishment of the attackers and a safe campus.

In the human chain, Dr Fahmidul Huq, professor of the mass communication and journalism department, said the attackers have not been brought to justice, and instead, those attacked have been sent to jail and put on remand.

“Is this justice? We are demanding immediate release of the students,” he added.

Samina Luthfa, associate professor of the sociology department, said: “The university authorities have been working according to the state order. When the government described the quota reform movement as logical, the university authorities echoed the same view. Is this administration? The university administration is trying to implement the will of the state, rather than taking steps to punish those who had attacked students."

Among others, Prof. Giti Ara Nasreen, Prof. Tanjim Uddin Khan and Prof. Rushad Faridi were present on the occasion.

Prof. AKM Jamal Uddin of the sociology department threatened to call the police if the students did not end their agitation. He went to the department around 9:30am while the students were staging a sit-in programme before the department building.

He took pictures of the protesting students and threatened them with dire consequences, saying he would call the police if they did not end boycott of classes.

“If I think that you are putting obstacles on my path, I will call the police. I will call the proctorial team. Now, it’s up to you,” he told the agitating students.

At that time, Prof. Samina Luthfa told him that the students were going to submit an application to the proctor and asked him to let them do their work.

“You will not join the classes of those teachers who do not want to take classes. But I will take classes. And I will take steps as per regulations if you do not attend my classes,” Prof. Jamal was quoted as having told students.

He once again threatened to call law enforcers, adding that there are rules and regulations of the university. "We have to run the university accordingly," he mentioned.

Earlier, students of the department gathered in front of the department after boycotting their scheduled classes. They also locked the gate of the department.

“Boycotting classes cannot be the form of protest. It’s not the university’s duty to get a student released. You go to the High Court and get a lawyer for him. If you manage to do it, the department will provide the cost,” Prof. Jamal told the students.

It may be mentioned that some Chhatra League activists of the DU’s Surja Sen Hall handed over Moshiur, joint convener of the quota reform movement, to law enforcers after beating him up on July 2. Later, he was shown arrested in the case filed over vandalising of the DU VC's residence.

A Dhaka Court on Tuesday granted the law enforcers a two-day remand for the student.

Another group of students formed a human chain, protesting against those spreading rumours in the name of movement on the campus. They also called upon general students not to respond to rumours being spread by so-called quota reformists.

On the other hand, the Progressive Students' Alliance and Students Against Reparation made two separate press briefings, demanding the release of students arrested during the recent movement. They also criticised the university authorities, saying the authorities were indirectly supporting the attackers.