POST TIME: 11 July, 2018 00:00 00 AM
BLWF to allow online application for grants

BLWF to allow online application for grants

Labourers from now on can file application online for grant from Bangladesh Labour Welfare Foundation (BLWF) and the allowance, if given, will go directly to the mobile bank account of the applicants, reports BSS.

“Till now we used to receive the written applications, scrutinize those and then used to give the allowance to the applicants. It was very complicated process, which used to take long time. So in the last board meeting we decided to take the whole process from filing application to giving allowance online,” said Labour and Employment Secretary Afroza Khan.

The secretary said her ministry is going to ink an agreement with SureCash so that they c an come out of the age old system of handing over cheque of allowance and send the money directly to the account of applicants.

“Software is being made and it will take three months time for the process to get started,” she said while receiving dividends from Meghna Petroleum Limited and Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) for BLWF.