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Children of FFs want 30pc quota retained
Demand comes from rally at Shahbagh
Staff Reporter

Children of FFs want 30pc quota retained

Freedom fighters’ children announced yesterday that they would resist any ‘conspiracy’ in the name of the quota reforms movement. The announcement was made at a rally organized under the 'Children of Freedom Fighters' banner in front of the Shahbagh National Museum in the capital.

The speakers, urging the prime minister, said that to build the spirit of the War of Independence, there is no other way to maintain the freedom fighters’ quota and demanded 30 per cent freedom fighters’ quota in government jobs. A nine-point demand for the implementation of the quota was made in the rally.

Children of the freedom fighters said in the rally that at a time when the government was moving towards a logical end to the quota system in government jobs, the opponents of the Liberation War, in the name of the quota reforms movement, were trying to fish in troubled waters.

They further said that because the government had accepted the demands of the protesters, the anti-national conspirators had lost their opportunity to foment trouble. So they were now trying to create anarchy and an unstable situation in the name of the quota reforms movement by some misguided

youths under the tag, ‘general students’.

The freedom fighters’ children alleged the misguided youths were making objectionable comments, threatening to kill the Prime Minister publicly and using bad words about the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

They demanded firm action against what they described as ‘anti liberation forces’. “They should be arrested immediately under the law, and those fuelling them should be identified,” they said.

The nine-point demands they made include bringing to justice those who made objectionable comments about the Father of the Nation and the prime minister, Freedom Fighters Family Protection Act, including constitutional rights, 30 per cent quota to be implemented from preliminary examination, all recruitment in the freedom fighters quota to be continued and adjustment of 30per cent quota against all vacant posts in ministries and divisions.

The brave freedom fighters were the first army of the expatriate government, so all the facilities, including pension, bonus and ration under the defence ministry must be ensured; for the sake of security in the country, the confiscation of assets of the anti-liberation elements and the successors of the anti-liberation fighters should be declared ineligible for jobs, and the anti-liberation organization Jamaat-Shibir must be banned; the rajakars who created anarchy, including the attack on the DU VC’s residence, must be punished and the age limit for the entry of the freedom fighters, including everyone else, will be given.

Sajjad Hossain, president of the organization presided over the programme. Professor AKM Jamal Uddin, Jobaida Haque Ajanta, daughter of martyr MP Nurul Haque Hawlader, president of National Coordination Council of Bangladesh freedom fighters Azizul Hasan were also present at the programme.