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Minimising damage of floods

damage of floods

In monsoon every year, Bangladesh witnesses floods as the rivers that remain dry in summer flow in their full spate crossing the danger level most times. And every year, people are exposed to various woes as floods damage affected people’s habitats and properties including livestock and standing crops. At present several districts in the north including Kurigram, Nilphamari and Lalmonirhat are experiencing floods as the water level of the Brahmaputra, Teesta, Dharla, Saniajan and Dudhkumar rivers have risen, due to the onrush of water from hills and incessant rainfall.

According to recent weather forecast, in the coming days there is a strong possibility that flood situation may worsen further due to more rain. There is another reason of floods in Bangladesh. When excessive rainfall in the upstream in India occurs, Bangladesh also experiences floods as sluice gates over many common rivers are opened upstream. Currently the flood in the north is also caused by this factor. However, the point here is Bangladesh will have to live with floods in monsoon and the country should be well prepared for this so that when floods turn worse, they do not cause much havoc.

As more rainfall in the coming days will occur and as presently, the Brahmaputra-Jamuna, and the Ganges-Padma are in rising trend, the government must not overlook this warning signals and take precautionary measures beforehand. The challenges of floods mostly include protecting people habitats and standing crops which are destroyed as flood waters maroon these. When a river overflows with strong currents, erosion of its banks occurs and people’s habitats and other properties including agricultural lands are devoured by the river.

We have no control on rainfall, like earthquake, but we can certainly build enough number of embankments at strategic places to stop erosion and river water from entering into places of human habitats. For averting crisis this season, there is little chance to build new embankments, but the relevant government entities should do repairing work of the existing embankments where necessary. When a flood occurs, the immediate challenge is to reach relief materials to the affected people and to reach medical help to the place as soon as the flood waters recede.

In every incident of floods in the past, affected people complained that they did not get these kinds of help sufficiently. The government’s relief and rehabilitation ministry must be aware of these failings when they address the people in their time of needs.