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Monalisa acts in several projects for upcoming Eid
Actress goes back to USA tonight
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Monalisa acts in several projects for upcoming Eid

Popular model-actress Mozeza Ashraf Monalisa, during her very short stay in Bangladesh, has acted in several small screen projects while spending some quality time with her family. As a result, Monalisa’s presence was felt exclusively on the different TV channels during this Eid. However, the actress is flying back to the USA on a flight tonight.

DhakaLive has news that although the actress is going back to do her job abroad, apart from the Eid-ul-Fitr projects, the actress has also done shooting for three new tele-dramas for upcoming Eid-ul-Azha.

The three tele-dramas that Monalisa will be appearing include Sumon Anwar’s ‘Jokhon Shobkichu Themey Jay’, Sanjay Samadaar’s ‘Ek Jey Chhilo Maa’ and Shariful’s ‘Lukiye Bhalobashbo Tarey’. Actors Arfan Nisho, Irfan Sajjad and Sajal have acted opposite the actress in the tele-dramas respectively.

Monalisa informed DhakaLive that she spent some beautiful moments throughout her stay in Bangladesh this time. She is now returning to the USA with a lot of memories at the moment of farewell. However, she will return soon.

Monalisa said, “This time I am taking happier moments of my life to the USA. Life is truly unique. Many people spend time abroad remembering the happy moments of their life back at home country and I do the same thing.”

“This time I have worked under some young talented directors and have seen their passion towards their work. This time I have really portrayed in some good dramas. I look for me in the people’s prayer so that I can present some good works throughout my life”, she added further.

It may be noted that, due to her strong bond with the country of birth, Monalisa had come home from New York in April this year. Among various projects on small screen, the actress has got positive responses for her role in Muhammad Mustafa Kamal Raj’s ‘Onuvobey’ and Ashfaque Nipun’s ‘Hoyto Tumar Kachey Jabo’.

Photo courtesy : Mohsin Ahmed